Here are some of our core members and collaborators, and a little bit about them. We're a diverse group — scientists and engineers, coders and designers, biologists and mathematicians. Want to join us? There are many ways to get involved, just reach out.

Jeremy Freeman

group leader at Janelia

neuroscience and computation
analytics and visualization
open source and open science

Jason Wittenbach

post-doc at Janelia

systems and circuits
data analysis and models
zebrafish and mouse

Andrew Osheroff

developer at Janelia

batch and streaming
static and dynamic
nodes and notebooks

Nicholas Sofroniew

post-doc at Janelia (with Svoboda Lab)

virtual reality and microscopy
optogenetics and ephys
analytics and mathematics

Clara Fannjiang

undergraduate at Stanford

machine learning and optimization
reconstruction and compressed sensing
encoding and decoding

Matt Conlen

partner at New York Data Company

frontend and backend
design and architecture
visualization and representation